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The Very Best in Car Care and Valeting Products

Sauber Auto Care produces only the highest quality vehicle cleaning chemicals available at affordable prices and delivered to your door.

The Sauber range of auto care products encompasses all aspects of vehicle cleaning and detailing including traffic film removal from external body work, alloy wheel cleaning, engine cleaning and degreasing and interior cleaning. Whatever the car cleaning task we have a product specifically designed to give the best possible results.

High Concentration Products; Unbeatable Strength and Value for Money

Our range offers a level of quality and cleaning ability not usually available for domestic purchase. With our super high concentration formulas our car cleaning chemicals can be used either at low dilutions for unbeatable cleaning power or high dilutions for reliable, cost effective car washing results.

Perfect for Car Washes and Valeting Services

The high concentration on the majority of our products makes Sauber a cost effective solution for all commercial vehicle cleaning, car wash, fleet cleaning and auto valeting services. With Dilution rates as high as 1:200 a single 5 litre can produce up to to 1000 litres of car cleaning solution! That’s less than 1p per litre!
Many Sauber Autocare products are also fully compatible for use with valeting equipment including most pressure washers and foam lances. Safety datasheets are available on all products and we can easily supply high volume containers and bulk orders.

Prestige Performance from Sauber Auto Care

Sauber car care products are brought to you by a team of dedicated experts with over 40 years’ experience in the car care chemicals and packaging industries. The majority of our car cleaning products are formulated and manufactured in-house and distributed from our UK warehouses through the Artemis distribution network. We supply directly to you, our customer, to ensure that our products reach you in their original form and appropriate, certified packaging.

We supply a comprehensive range of car cleaning products that are blended to give the maximum performance and leave a superior finish to your vehicle. Our car care products include: Tar Remover, Super Foam Traffic Film Remover, Traffic Film & Insect Remover, Concentrated Wax Wash, Vehicle Trim & Valet Cleaner, Vehicle Window Cleaner Spray, Alloy Wheel Cleaner, Vehicle Liquid Detergent, Chassis Cleaner, Engine Degreaser, Screenwash Concentrate and Brake & Clutch Cleaner.

Sauber Auto Care Featured Products:

Sauber Auto Care
Screenwash Concentrate
Sauber Auto Care
Traffic Film & Insect Remover
Sauber Auto Care
Alloy Wheel Cleaner

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All our products are available to purchase on-line but we welcome enquiries throughout Europe so if you require additional information please contact us on +44 (0)141 429 2525, e-mail us at or fill out our Enquiry Form.